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Car Wash Express was founded in 2001 by a team of experts with more than 50 years of combined professional car wash experience. We operate five car washes throughout the Denver Metro area. Our goal is simple: we strive to provide our customers with the quickest, friendliest, most convenient car wash experience possible.

Many traditional car washes require substantial wait times. Others ask that you physically get out of your vehicle, as it goes through the tunnel, requiring you to remove all items from your vehicle before washing. The alternative is to wash your vehicle at your house or to use a self-serve “wand washer”. Until now, there has not been anything quick, convenient or friendly about washing your car. Now, Car Wash Express has changed all of that!

Using the latest car wash technologies, Car Wash Express allows customers to remain in their vehicles during the automated wash process, all while delivering the high-quality car wash you expect – every time. You’ll always find an eager and capable wash advisor available to provide you with superior customer service. Additionally, for your convenience, we offer free self-serve vacuums, free automatic mat cleaning, prepaid washes and express token lanes. No hassles, no waiting, no kidding!

We have received rave reviews from many people who lead busy lifestyles. They don’t have time to wait and they don’t want to be inconvenienced with the traditional car wash. Car Wash Express is the solution they have been asking for. And, it can be your solution too! See for yourself what all of the excitement is about! Car Wash Express is Colorado’s leading express car wash. Visit any of our locations and “Eliminate the Wait!” You’ll never go back to washing your car the old way again.